Any side effects from supartz (hyaluronic acid) injections?

Very rare. Supartz (hyaluronic acid) injections are a type of "visco-supplementation" treatment for knee arthritis. Side effects are exceeding rare, but any injection into the knee joint could introduce an infection or cause an inflammatory reaction to occur. I have used supartz (hyaluronic acid) in my practice for nearly 14 years on a regular basis without any documented side effects.
Most likely. All medications can have side effect.

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Can there be any side effects from supartz (hyaluronic acid) injections?

Supartz (hyaluronic acid) Yes sometimes you can get an inflammatory reaction from the injection with some swelling and pain. This will usually resolve. Also if you have an allergy to eggs, supartz (hyaluronic acid) may be a problem.

Please tell me if there are any side effects from supartz (hyaluronic acid) injections?

Basically no. Supartz (hyaluronic acid) injections are very safe. Rarely a patient may have an allergic reaction. Most common problem is a local reaction to the Supartz (hyaluronic acid) in the knee that can last 2-3 days.

Are there any side effects from switching from supartz (hyaluronic acid) to synvisc-one shots?

No. Switching from one injection to the other shouldn't have side effects. Interestingly while all of the viscoelastic supplements are chemically similar sometimes one works better for a particular patient than another.
No. Each of these medications is characterized by a different molecular weight. Thus, each is a little different from the others.
No. The short answer is no. As you know supartz is a five injection series. Synvisc (hylan g-f 20) one is one injection. If you are in the middle of a supartz regimen, I would not recommend a switch to synvisc (hylan g-f 20) one. Not because of side effects, but you will not be receiving suggested dose of supartz. Viscosupplimentation success is based on several factors in my experience.