What are the nutritional benefit of plantains?

1c green plantains: 181 kcal fat 1 gm sat fat 0 gm chol 0 gm na 6mg k 739mg mg 54.8mg phos 50.3mg zinc 0.2mg cu 0.1mg sel 2.2mcg h2o 96.6g om3fa 37mg om6fa 63.6mg fiber 3.4g sugars 22.2g total carbs 47.2 g vit a 1668 iu vit c 27.2mg vit e 0.2mg vit k 1mcg vit b6 0.4mg thia 0.1mg ribo0.1mg folate (folic acid) 32.6mcg choline 20mg pantothenic acid 0.4mg protein 1.9g.

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What is the nutritional benefit of plantains?

Carbohydrate source. High starch, low protein and fat. Great food for geriatric patients. It is a fruit that is a staple in african and andean regions. Resembles a banana but there is no formal botanical distinction. Read more...