How do doctors perform open heart surgery?

Bypass. Blood returning to the heart is diverted and run through a machine that performs the function of the lungs (add oxygen to the blood) and then the blood is directed back to the arterial side of the circulation. So the blood bypasses the heart. This is necessary for operations such as replacing a valve. As the blood is not passing through the heart, the heart can be stopped during the surgery.
Different ways. The classic way is to open the chest thru the breast bone, place pt on heart lung machine and perform surgery. However, many bypass surgeries can be be done w/o the heart lung mach and the heart beating. Certain valve surgeries can be done thru small incisions between the ribs. And recently some aortic valves can be treated thru a small cut in the groin by team of surgeons and cardiologists.

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How to find open heart surgery doctors?

Family doc. Your family doctor is your best advocate. He/she will know the best people in your area and have a history of other patients referred. Moreover, open heart surgery doctors are not primary care doctors - no one goes to them for first line treatment. They see patients only on referral.

When do doctors sometimes do open heart surgery instead of angioplasty?

Severity of disease. Angioplasty (usually with a stent too) is done when a blockage is accessible, the right size and when there are not too many. Bypass surgery is needed if there are two many blockages that need to be "fixed, " if the blockages are in areas that cannot be stented, and for other reasons (could fill a book). Talk to your cardiologist about the specific factors that apply to you.

What do you advise if I'm of 14 I had an open heart surgery at age of 1 I went to a doctor he said that some murmuring sound comes?

Please. Consider having an adult or someone who is at least 16 years old ask this question for you. You need to be at least 16 years old to post questions on Healthtap. Thanks.

I'm 25, had open heart surgery at 4 and my ekgs have abnormal t waves. 3+ doctors heard an arrhythmia and said not to worry. What should I do about it?

Don't worry about it. You have by your own account over 3 doctors tell you not to worry about it. They have the advantage of knowing why you had surgery and what was done. Plus they can examine you & look at your heart with an echo etc. A t wave abnormality is fairly non specific. Same can be said for arrhythmias. Your doctors can take that info and apply it to the proper context. At some point you have to trust them.
See a specialist. It truly may be that your condition is not concerning. However, typically an arrhythmia cannot be completely assessed by listening alone. There are a number of late problems that develop in adults that were treated for congenital heart disease. There are now physicians who specialize in the care of adults with congenital heart disease. They are best equipped to provide a comprehensive evaluation.

My mom had open heart surgery in may but continues to have pain all around the area and the doctors say it's her sternum is it possible?

Chest pain. Absolutely. The sternum was cut opened and it is likely going to remain tender and sore for sometime. Your mother should follow her surgeon's recommendations and rest assured it is normal.
I'm sorry. I can not answer a third party question. Your mom has to be the one to ask.

Mother before 10 years conducted the cardiac catheter and open heart surgery and to this time did not go to see doctor cause of feer. Is it in danger?

Needs followup. CABG 10 years ago implies that CAD has been present for along time. For the mother of a current 23 yo it means that CAD started at an early age. Bypas grafts that are 10 yrs old have a 50% chance of being closed. Makes sense to see a doctor, probably get some testing (stress test, echo) to risk stratify going forward. Risk factor assessment, checking lipids all are needed. She should be moup.
See PCP. If someone like your mother has a history of heart disease (which it sounds likes she does), it is important to be followed regularly by a care provider. These kinds of issues can be progressive and/or recurrent, so regular monitoring is a must.

How is the open heart surgery performed?

Bypass. The heart is stopped and the blood returning to the heart is instead diverted to the pump oxygenator, a machine that adds oxygen to the blood which is then pumped back into the aorta. So the surgery can be done with the heart stopped and with the blood bypassing the heart chambers. After the surgery on the heart is completed, the blood is directed back through the heart and lungs.
Very carefully. The heart is exposed via a sternotomy incision, the patients circulation is supported with cardiopulmonary bypass, the heart is arrested or stopped, the operation is done, then the patient is brought off bypass, incision closed.

Who performed the first open heart surgery?

Not enough info. Open heart surgery may simply refer to an exposed heart in the chest. The surgery itself may be as simple as a biopsy or as complicated as a vessel bypass with valve replacement and aneurysm repair. You may also be referring to the use of cardiopulmonary bypass which allows surgeons to stop the heart and essentially pumps blood to the other vital organs while the heart is repaired.
References vary. Daniel hale williams is reported to have performed the first successful open heart surgery in america in chicago in 1893.

When was the first open heart surgery performed?

Definition? Surgery for trauma on beating hearts successful in Europe in 1890's. Multiple types of surgeries on beating heart done over next 60 years in multiple places including US. First surgery using bypass for bloodless fiels done at University of Minnesota in 1952, and started massive expansion in surgical approaches and abilities that has continued into present day.