How do I clean my ears?

Two easy ways to do. That:1-few drops of h2o2 before shower in each ear canalwill do it. 2-vinger and water 50/50 also drop few drops in the ear canal before shower that will keep clean all the time.
With your elbow:-). There's a story docs tell al the time, that don't put anything in your ear smaller than your elbow, the idea being that q-tip use can potentially injure your ear drum. Shower, let water run in, dry with towel or perhaps q-tip near outer canal. Can use otc wax removal kit (debrox, murine.), follow directions carefully. Otherwise let doc clean them out.
Ear drops, water. Use otc ear drops (never insert the tip in your ear) then gently flush with lukewarm water - shower is best - don't use the ear bulb included with ear wash kits. You may still need to see the doctor to have wax mechanically pulled out. This is easily done by looking in the ear and using a probe to pull it out. Never insert anything in your ears yourself.

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How do I clean my baby's ears?

Warm washcloth. Hello, babies are really a lot cleaner than we (adults) are. The only real dirty place on a baby is the diaper area. There is no real reason to clean the inside of your baby's ears. A warm washcloth to the outside will work just fine. Soft and gentle is the way to go. Try not to put water in the canal, as that can be irritating to the little ones.
Carefully. The standard answer is do not put anything bigger than your elbow in your own ear...So baby elbow for baby ear. Clean the outside of the canal that you can see. You may use a q-tip. Just do not stick the q-tip in the ear.
With the bath towel. After a baby bath, the towel can be used to wipe the ears. No additional ear cleaning is needed. If there is too much wax in the ears, the doctor will make some suggestions at the check-up visit.
Put Nothing Inside. Cleaning the earlobe if ine using a soft cloth. We suggest never putting anything inside the ear because there is a high risk of more serious damage th the eardrum, ear canal and internal structures. Remember never put anything smaller than your elbow in any opening of the baby's body.

How do I clean out my ear, if I found a scab?

Ear wax remover. Debrox is the brand name for carbamoyl peroxide, which is an ear drop for softening up ear wax, and may dissolve some of the wax. If a person has his ear canals plugged up with firm ear wax, he can use a few drops, once a day, for 2-3 days prior to his appointment with his doctor. His primary care doctor will then have a much easier time flushing the wax out with water. A scab falls off by itself.