How do you get tested for allergies?

Two main ways. Allergy testing can be done either through skin testing checking for sensitivities, or by doing a blood test checking for antibodies. There can be advantages and disadvantages to both. Best to discuss this with your doctor for your specific situation.
Many ways... Depending on what is being tested (food, aeroallergens, medication, contact allergens), it can be done in a number of ways: skin prick testing, blood tests, oral challenge, patch testing.

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How do you get tested for an allergy?

See an allergist. Allergist are doctors trained to diagnose and treat allergies. They administer tests to determine what you are allergic to. Seek a board certified allergist in your area for help. Read more...
See an allergist. An allergist can perform a skin test for common environmental and/or food allergens. There is also a blood test that can be done. But most allergists will start with the skin test. Read more...