My right ulna was removed 10yrs ago due to osteomialitis. What home remedies are useful for pain not relieved by rx's?

Acupuncture, PT. While i'm not sure it has been studied in cases identical to yours, acupuncture does have a role in chronic pain treatment and management. There's not going to be a magic pill, home remedy, or "natural supplement" that takes away pain completely. A multidisciplinary approach that includes some prescription meds, acupuncture and physical therapy is best.
One bone forearm. lacks rotation , pain can occur from stiffness, limits in motion and stress placed upon remaining structures. good rx includes ice for overworked joints, warmth for stiff joints, gentle stretching for stiffness and massage for tight sore muscles.
Right forearm pain. You might possibly benefit from a spinal cord stimulation system. You should get a consultation with an interventional pain management who can evaluate you for a spinal cord stimulation system. We usually put in a temporary system for a few days to see if you are a candidate for a permanent system. It can can very very effective treatment for extremity pain.