Sore throat in evening, no fever, eye junk in mornings...What can I take to feel better?

Pharyngitis. Your description sounds like a viral pharyngitis and conjunctivitis. It should resolve in 1-2 weeks. Try staying hydrates, Ibuprofen as needed, artificial tears, ointment at night, and chloroseptic throat spray.
DISCUSS WITH. Your doctor. The cause should be determined.

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I had pink eye and was put on ointment treatment until last friday. Have congested nasal passages and drainage. It is sunday evening & have sore throat with a couple of small white spots. No fever.

I would get things. Checked, the spots mat be pockets of infection. I would request a nasal steroid. Use this at night, post nasal drip becomes antiinflammatory, helping throat, helping allergies, less hand to face, less contraction of viruses which can lead to bacterial infection. You may need antibiotics though; gargle with warm salt water every couple hours and use aleve or other medicine 4 discomfort.
Possibly viral. Most "pinkeye" or conjunctivitis is actually viral, so antibiotic eye drops/ointment are usually not effective. Viral conjunctivitis tends to run it's course in 7-10 days. It can be very contagious, spreading from one eye to the other or to other people. Hand washing is essential. The same viruses that cause pink eye can also cause upper respiratory infections, so your symptoms may be related.

Headache, eyes hurt when moved, fever and sore throat. What is this?

You may have an. Upper respiratory tract infection - viral or bacterial. Sinus pressure? Swollen or beefy red tonsils? Enlarged lymph nodes? For significant sore throat with swollen tonsils / lymph nodes – see physician & get a strep throat test/ culture. If you have Strep Throat, antibiotic therapy is imperative to prevent future complications.

Fever with sore throat and followed with my left eye is watery and red. Please help?

Viral v. bacterial. Sounds like a viral sore throat with conjuctivitis- you will need a strept test to rule out a bacterial sore throat. Call your physician for eye drop medication.

What does having sore throat, red tonsils, bloodshot eyes, fever and headaches indicative of?

Several things. This problem mandates a real-time (face-to-face) meeting with a doctor. A history has to be taken along with a examination as well as labs and other tests. Only after all this will your doctor be in a position to tell you what's wrong and what needs to be done to help you.