Should a 10 month old be pointiing for communication purposes/ waving good bye when people leave? And if they're not should there b concern? Autistic?

10 months young. A 10 months young baby should be fun to play with. He will giggle, laugh, and be happy when tickled. He will be huggable and interactive. He will look for a parent to hold him and kiss him. There is no need to worry about whether he is autistic or not unless he is a strange kid (fussy too often, screaming too often, pulls away when held, odd interests, weird motions, weird sounds, etc...).
Pointing to indicate. Needs is @ 12 mos.; pointing to share interest @ 14-16 mos. Red flags for autism are not doing the following: raise his arms to be picked up @ 6-8 mos., turn consistently when you call his name @ 9 mos., play reciprocally interactive games (pat-a-cake, peek-a-boo) & wave "bye" back when someone waves "bye" to him @ 10-11 mos., look at pictures you point to in a book @ 9-11 mos. & babble @ 6-9 mos.