I accidentaly got kneed in the mouth and bit my inner lip real hard. What is the best method to heal/disenfect the wound?

B2. Just rinsing is enough for cleaning. Orally take riboflavin -b2 vitamin twice daily and methionine 500mg twice daily for a week.
Salt water rinses. For the most part, the tissue inside the mouth is pretty resilient. I would just do intermittent salt water rinses if it's a minor abrasion. If there's significant bleeding or laceration, please see your doc!
Natural Healing. The good news is that area has fantastic blood supply and so healing will occur rapidly. Inflammation (red, hot, tender swelling) is the body increasing the blood flow to the injury to bring healing factors to the area and also the veins expand to carry bad stuff away. Dressings and ointments are of no value there. Avoid further trauma to the area and let nature take it's course.