What are volkmanns ischaemic contractures?

A complication. High pressure build up in a muscular compartment (can happen as a result of crush injury, bone fracture, or from constant pressure on a limb for a prolonged period of time) can cause decreased blood flow to tissues in that compartment, resulting in compartment syndrome. Volkmann's ischemic contracture is a server case in which some of the tissue within the compartment dies and contractors develop.
Volkmann's ischemic . Contracture from vascular injury to the muscles in the forearm. Typically related to a fracture or crush elbow or 4arm. Muscle and nerve damage occurs there is no cure but surgical treatment can relieve some of the resultant problems associated with it. Tendon lengthening, nerve decompression, resection of fibrotic tissue. Much depends upon the severity of the contracture and the depth of injury.
Pressure. Increased pressure in a closed compartment decreases the blood flow to the muscles and nerves in the area, causing permanent muscle damage.

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What is volkmann's ischaemic contracture and myositis ossificans.?

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What can you tell me about volkmann's ischaemic contracture and myositis ossificans?

Vascular injury. Volkman's develops due to acute loss of vascularity to the deep muscles of the forearm and can be exacerbated by reperfusion injury. Most commonly seen with supra condylar fracture of humerus. Treatment is to monitor pressure in forearm compartments and if exceeds limit than fasciotomies to decompress the forearm. Myositis ossificans is calcification of muscle injured by vascular or other injury. Read more...