Why is oral health in older adults important if they can just get false teeth?

False Teeth. False teeth are great for those that don't have teeth, but they pale in comparrison to healthy natural teeth. Maintaining you mouth with or with out dentures is very important. All your food, liquid, speach pass through. You can still get infections of bacterial or even fungal in nature and cancer can still happen.
ORAL HEALTH. Having the durable natural teeth is important to have with oral health to preserve it rather than having dentures or false teeth as the last recourse.
Natural teeth better. Natural teeth are stronger, they chew more efficiently, and they are less troublesome in general. However, if more severe problems exist with natural teeth, then restoration or false teeth may be best. I would seek the services of an experienced dentist. Consider that, in retirement, adults may become less able to care for their own teeth well. Whatever is done must be done well....
An anology. I sometimes have to give this analogy in order for patients to understand the difference between false teeth, especially if you are referring to full dentures. Would you rather have your own fingers and toes with some pain and loss of mobility if suffering from arthritis or should we cut off all your fingers and toes and give you some prosthetic ones? Nothing matches your own natural teeth.