What is the posterior tibial tendon dysfunction?

PT Dysfunction. Posterior tibial tendon in the foot and dysfunction is an extremely painful condition. Sometimes need brace, cast or walking boot with strapping to improve. Surgery is last resort. Try rice method.
Medial arch flattens. The large tendon on the inside of the foot and ankle and leg becomes weak and does not function as a support for the arch. If you have diabetes or circulation problems. You may need an orthotic or az brace.

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What are signs of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction?

Medial arch pain. Flattening of the medial arch. Pain and swelling in the area. Possible skin breakdown and pain on ambulation.

What are the symptoms of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction?

Pain. Pain, & swelling on the inside aspect of the ankle. Inability to stand on only the involved foot, and stand on your toes.

What can be done about posterior tibial tendon dysfunction?

Orthotics, brace or. Surgery. We always start with a foot orthotic to stabilize the foot. If that's not enough, a lower leg brace is used, and if that's not enough, surgery to re-route and tighten up the posterior tibial tendon is performed as a last resort. It's a frustrating and disabling problem.

What is the treatment for posterior tibial tendon dysfunction?

Protecting the foot. Treatment depends on the severity of the dysfunction. The pt muscle is the main strap muscle that holds up the arch and tries to control over pronation of the foot. If this is severely damaged, the arch can collapse and lead the serious foot deformities and discomfort. The goal of treatment is to protect the arch from damage. See your foot specialist. Dr l.

What cardio should I be doing if I have posterior tibial tendon dysfunction?

Many choices. Bike, swimming, weights are all possible. If there is no pain, just weakness or flatfoot can even do elliptical or treadmill. Any exercise that causes pain should be discontinued. May benefit from orthotics.
PTTD. You can do anything as long as you have no pain or symptoms otherwise seek an opinion of a physical rehabilitation specialist to assist you.
Anything but. .. With true pttd, your arch is collapsing repetitively with every step and you need support. Without it, in the long run, you'll develop other problems. Have it looked at to see if there are other causes for the pttd.

Can you tell me about the surgery for posterior tibial tendon dysfunction?

Several options. The procedure depends on the deformity. It could be as simple as re-aligning the tendon or may require, fusion of joint with tendon re-posiioning need to speak to a podiatrist about this after an exam.

Can you recommend posterior tibial tendon dysfunction exersizes?

Orthotics 1st. Custom orthotics are very important here. Using them, avoiding heavy lifting, squats, military press - all recommended.
See below. It would be best to see a physical therapist. Orthotics to support the foot would work better.