What are some pre-cancerous signs of colorectal cancer?

Colonic polyps. Nearly all colon cancers arise in colon polyps. Unfortunately, colonic polyps are generally asymptomatic and require colonscopy of barium enema for detection. Newer imaging studies may make the detection easier. Patients with inflammatory bowel disease have higher incidence of colon cancer. A family history of colon cancer is an other "sign".
ColOn cancer symptom. 75% polyps and 50% of colon cancers cause no early symptoms thus the importance of screening. If symptoms are present, then blood in the stool and change in bowel habits lead the list.

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I was wondering what are signs of colorectal cancer?

Can be minimal. Unfortunately, colorectal cancer usually gives no symptoms during its early, more curable stages. As it grows, it can cause bleeding which can cause anemia (weakness) blockage causing abdominal pain, nausea and/or vomiting and abdominal enlargement. Most cancers start as benign polyps that can be removed at colonoscopy so screening colonoscopy is important by age 50 in asymptomatic individuals.

Need expert help here. What are some signs of colorectal cancer?

Nonspecific signs. There may be blood in the stool, either visible or only detectable by testing; stool may be black (which means blood); change in bowel habits such as diarrhea or constipation or change in diameter/consistency of stools; fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath. There can be crampy abdominal pain and a feeling that your bowels are not emptying completely. There may be unexplained weight loss.
Colon cancer symptom. Change in bowel habits, blood in the stool, abdominal bloating.

What are the signs and symptoms of colorectal cancer?

None. Usually there are no symptoms. Later can develop intestinal or rectal bleeding, anemia, weight loss, intestinal blockage, change in bowel movements, etc.
Symptoms colOn ca. Blood in the stool, change in bowel habits, bloating, weight loss, abdominal pain, anemia.

I have chronic dry, hard stool and go 4-6d/wk that started 6 mo ago. How often is this the only sign of colorectal cancer?

Not likely. Now, if you have a change in stool diameter, or color, such as black or red stained stools, that would be suspicious. Hard, dry stool is often a sign of lack of water and/or dietary issues. I suggest lots of water, a balanced diet with fiber, vegetables, and fruits. Limit alcohol intake. Talk to your doctor or health provider. Don't take more fibre supplements than are recommended. Good luck.
Cancer unlikely. First, you are very young. Colon cancer almost never occurs at this age. Second, this would not be a typical symptom at any age. I encourage a diet high in fruits and vegetables and that you drink plenty of fluids. If the problem persists, see your doctor.

What is a highly likely sign of colorectal cancer? I'm curious because I've heard bloody or jet black stool are sure signs.

Black stools. Can indicate several things. There may be internal bleeding. It is important that you see your doc ASAP. He/she will find the cause and help. Peace and good health.

I have chronic dry, hard stool and go 4-6d/wk that started 6 mo ago. Fiber&fluid only s/w help. How often is this the only sign of colorectal cancer?

Very rarely. The. Whole point of most cancers, & many other diseases (such as arterial disease which has begun in ~50% of population by later childhood & most heart attacks/strokes being asymptomatic), is that there Are No Symptoms, the whole point of focusing on other signs & indicators such as colonoscopies for colon cancer, BEFORE symptomatic. Study: http://goo. Gl/foDTU0.

Can sore/tenderness in the tailbone area when sitting in certain positions be a sign of colorectal cancer?

Soreness. What you are describing is not a typical symptoms of colorectal cancer. Actually most cancers do not have symptoms early in the disease process. Common things to look for are blood in the stool, weight loss, constipation, change of caliber of stool to thin that does not return to a normal size in a few days. If concerned discuss your risks with your doctor.

Colorectal cancer causes?

Heredity & diet. The cause is not known in most cases. In a small number the cause is clearly heredity, e.g., apc and hnpcc. In the garden variety colon cancer, a diet low in fiber and rich in fats may increase the risk of cancer.

I think I have colorectal cancer?

Reason? Unless you have a family history or other predisposing factor you are probably too young for colorectal cancer. If you recently noticed a change in bowel habits or blood in stool get a GI checkup.