Can vitamin B12 help alleviate depression or dementia?

Possibly. If the person has a reversible dementia related to low levels of vitamin b12, then replacing vitamin B12 could help. Together with folate, (folic acid) B12 has also been implicated in some cases of depression. Www. Ncbi. Nlm. Nih. Gov/pubmed/15671130.
Not usually. If you have a B12 deficiency it can cause dementia and depression but this uncommon in the american diet. If one doesn't eat much meat it can be worth checking.

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Can lack of vitamin B12 cause depression?

Yes, but. It is rare that B12 deficiency will cause only depression, and nothing else. There is a long list of symptoms that go with B12 deficiency (anemia, fatigue, bleeding gum, for example). But, it is certainly possible. So the best thing to do is to get blood level of B12 checked. Read more here: http://www. Nlm. Nih. Gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000574.Htm.

Could Lewy body dementia be caused by Vitamin B12 deficiency?

Unrelated. Deficiency of B12 can cause dementia, but Lewy Body Dementia is a separate disorder. See this site for info on Lewy Body Dementia. Http://www. Mayoclinic. Org/diseases-conditions/lewy-body-dementia/basics/definition/CON-20025038.
Lewy body dementia. The etiology for Lewy body dementia is largely unknown, but it is not believed to be related to vitamin B12 deficiency that can cause otherwise significant neurological symptoms mimicking dementia. An overlap is always possible and vitamin B 12 deficiency should be corrected promptly. So far, there is no known cure for Lewy body dementia, treatment being mostly symptom directed.

What are all the causes of moderate macrocytic anemia in elederly other than vitamin B12 and folic acid defficiency. Can severe depression cause that?

Depression>poor eatg. Anemia should not be accepted as an inevitable consequence of aging. A cause is found in approximately 80 percent of elderly patients. The most common causes of anemia in the elderly are chronic disease and iron deficiency. Vitamin B12 deficiency, folate (folic acid) deficiency, gastrointestinal bleeding and myelodysplastic syndrome are among other causes of anemia in the elderly. Serum ferritin is the most us.

Can vitamin d deficiency cause depression. Also can vitamin B12 cause psychosis and suicidal thoughts?

Vitamin D can help. W/mood but is not a major cause of depression. Make sure you take enough. Your doc can measure your levels. Low b 12 is not the cause of suicidal thoughts and psychosis. As your doc about sublingual b 12 or shots. This will help you feel better. See a mental health professional for the negative thoughts and you will have a well-rounded treatment plan. Diet/exercise?
Basically no. You need to look for other explanations for your symptoms and your unhappiness. You're a young man who should be in his prime. Why are you taking B12? If you are involved with vegetarianism, please get with an evidence-based physician to guide you. If you are not happy with your life, talk with a physician or evidence-based therapist to find why your mind is playing tricks on you.