How can I prevent ingrown hairs from shaving?

Avoid closest shave. Before shaving wash face with warm soap and water. Rinse off and then apply shving gel. Avoid trying to get the closest shave in the world since this increases the risk of ingrown hairs. If you only get ingrown hairs on your neck, and the hair is dark, you could consider laser hair removal.

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Is brazillian wax or shaving better if I'm prone to ingrown hairs and prefer to keep the area bare? How do I best prevent irritation?

Shave. In general waxing tends to create more ingrown hairs, because you're pulling the hairs out by their roots. Shave, but use a single-blade or electric razor, not the fancy multi-blade models. You won't get as close a shave, but that's the idea; ingrown hairs occur when hair shafts are shaved below the skin line, allowing them to grow inward instead of back out of the skin. Read more...

How to prevent shaving rash and ingrown hair on neck?

NMS but. This is not my specialty but generally one needs to get the hair moistened then shave against the grain. The more curly the hair , the more problem with ingrown hair. Talk to your barber to get some practical tips. Read more...