What is nutrition therapy for diabetes?

Learnabout@ CARBS! U will get sev.Different answers depending on the dr.But most now finally agree on lo glycemic index carbs generous amounts of lean protein, monounsaturated fats only, and high fiber diets I have had majority of my diabetic overwt, hypertensive , hypercholesterol pts.Be able to reverse these conditions&get off rx meds by reading&truly comprehend the so beach diet book explantn&follow principles4life!
Support for diet. It is education that helps you how to learn to eat as a dienetov. They can also help you lear to shop and read labels and help if you use Insulin and need to count carbohydrates they can do that too. They can help you figure hour how many calories you should be eating! it is a great thing for every diabetic and whenever needed as a refresher too!