How can I get rid of foot odor in my inserts?

Corn starch. Put corn strach into your shoes and on your inserts, it will absorb the moisture and get rid of the smell. Clean them off before wearing.

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How can I get rid of foot odor, amd prevent it from comming back.?

Lots of work. There is a chance that your feet have an infection, but unlikely without diabetes and other health disorders to have simultaneous infections. I'd recommend at least washing your feet daily, talcum powder in your sox to dry up sweat, and changing sox at least daily. These three measures should help.
TREAT TINEA PEDIS. Severe foot odor may be coming from a common condition, tinea pedis (athlete's foot). Usually your feet exhibit cracking, peeling, red skin between the toes or on the feet. Many over-the-counter remedies are available including Lamisil (terbinafine) cream (generic works, too) and anti-fungal powders may help.

Which is the best home remedy to get rid of foot odor?

Foot odor. The odor could be from excessive sweating. Try keeping your foot dry. Powders could be helpful. If nothing helps, see a podiatrist. There are medications and injections that could be helpful.
Foot odor. There really is no one best thing to do. Everyone's needs are different. The first best thing to do is see your podiatrist for an evaluation and recommendation for what will work right for you.