What are the secrets to a happy marriage?

Happy Marriage. Communication, communication, communication! talk to each other - about everything and anything. The more you communicate, the more you reinforce that intimate foundation.
Treat Each Other! There is a lot that goes into it, but, here are a few tips: (1) don't compete with your spouse, instead, be on the same team; (2) stay up to date with each other on all the little things; (3) spend time together (watch out for "creeping separateness"); (4) accept influence from each other; (5) ignore little flaws. Also, read "the seven principles for making marriage work" by john gottman.
Happy Marriage Tips. Separate yourself from your family of origin without destroying those relationships. Be best friends with your mate: nurture and support especially in the face of adversity. Accept that life is full of potholes; navigate them together. Share fun, romance, sexuality, intimacy, pleasure, humor & daily tasks, but also maintain separate interests. Embrace parenthood but make time for the marriage.
Marriage. Self awareness, personal responsibility, compassion, understanding, solid character and most of all an expansive empathic range. Best.