What is the most recommended remedy for mitral valve prolapse?

Nada. Leave it alone. If it's not associated with regurgitation or only mild to moderate regurgitation, it causes no symptoms and requires no treatment. If there is severe regurgitation, there are strict criteria for valve repair. In the most severe and rare form in which there is a tear in the attachments, surgery is necessary to repair the valve.
If needed, ß-blocker. There are no medications that will "remedy" or reverse mitral valve prolapse. There are many symptoms associated with this very common cardiac condition, most of which may be bothersome, but are usually benign. If the symptoms, e.g., chest discomfort or arrhythmia, become bothersome or interfere with quality of life, an empiric trial of a beta-blocker may be worthwhile.

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What is the best treatment for mitral valve prolapse?

Depends. On the severity. In most cases it is benign. However it can cause severe regurgitation leading to valve surgery. Close follow up with physical exams and periodic echocardiograms is advised. Read more...
Usually no treatment. Mitral valve prolapse usually requires no treatment. A small percentage of patients with mitral valve prolapse develop mitral regurgitation, which may require medications and sometimes surgery. Read more...