Does pregnancy affect depression?

Consultation needed. In some women, pregnancy can make depression worse; in some, it can make it better. The question often is whether to use pharmaceutical antidepressant medications while a woman is pregnant, and whether the intensity of symptoms makes it reasonable to risk potential effects in the infant. The answer is variable, and discussion with an experienced psychiatrist is very important.
Well. If you have depression and it is controlled it will likely stay controlled if u stay on your meds. If u stop them there is an over 60% chance of relapse. Watch the insomnia, it's generally a good barometer. Occasional Clonazepam for sleep after the first trimester for sleep only had min. Risk though cat d. Look up mass general women's psychiatry website, it's a great resource and good luck.
Kind of. Hormonal changes, increased financial and childrearing stressors, as well as a personal and family history of depression can increase the risk of prenatal depression. Studies estimate that up to 20 percent of pregnant women will experience some depressive symptoms during their pregnancies, while about 10 percent develop clinical depression requiring medical intervention.