How common is blindness in preemie children?

Blindness in preemie. Retinopathy of prematurity (rop) is a disease that affects immature blood vessels in the eyes of preterm babies. It can be mild with no visual defects, or it may become aggressive and progress to retinal detachment and blindness. As smaller and younger babies are surviving, the incidence of rop has increased. The incidence is inversely proportional to the gestational age of the infant.

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How can you prevent preemie blindness?

Retinal oxygen baby. Retinopathy in the premie baby has been studied extensively over the past two decades and great strides have been made in prevention and/or treatment. Most neonatal care centers have the knowledge, proper monitoring equipment and dedicated trained professionls to help. Carefully following these children after discharge is still a very big challenge as the risk to their vision is not short term.