What does squamous cell carcinoma mean to you?

Subtype of cancer. It only means-a subtype of cancer. Nothing much. The treatment, prognosis etc- will depend on where is this cancer located primarily? , what is the stage (how big it is? Any lymph node or adjacent tissue involvement? Any spreading to distant organ? Etc. If you smoke tobacco and drink alcohol- you need to quit. Please discuss in detail with your oncologist.
Closely monitor. Squamous cell carcinoma (scc) is the second most common skin cancer, but is also a type of cancer found in cancer of the esophagus and other organ systems like the lung. It has the potential for metastasis (spreading throughout the body) so early detection is critical. Scc of the skin is seen frequently in people who have had lots of sun exposure or sunburns in their younger days. See a derm.