How can the mitral valve be replaced?

Many options. Depending on pts age as well as the characteristics of the valve, there are many options. Mitral valve repair -using the pts own valve and perhapse a ring. Mv replacement-the whole valve is replaced by either a mechnical valve pig valve or a bioprosthetic. Another new technology involves catheter based options such as a clip. All types have pros and cons including possible Coumadin (warfarin) therapy.
Surgically. Depending on the problem with the valve, valvulplasty may be considered for a narrowed valve, but most requires open heart surgery for repair or replacement.

Related Questions

Can a leaky mitral valve be repaired or best to have it replaced?

Depends. Repair is always preferable to replacement but not all valves can be repaired. In general, leakage (regurgitation) due to mitral valve prolapse is usually amenable to repair. An echocardiogram is the best way to determine prior to surgery if the valve can be repaired.
90% should be repair. On average 90% of patients with mitral regurgitation diseased valves should be amenable to surgical repair. This can usually be done with minimally invasive surgical techniques.

What is the possibility of future cardiac intervention once mitral valve replaced (mechanical)?

No different. It's no differenct than someone whose mitral valve hasn't been replaced. If you need something to be done and your general health is otherwise okay, it should be done. Naturally, one would prefer to avoid a second open chest surgery, so percutaneous approaches are first considerations, but redos are possible.

Grade 4 mitral valve prolapsus, need surgery. Don't Know yet if it can be repaired or replaced. What are the risks in both options? I am 52.

Valve surgery. Google mitral valve surgery. Generally we prefer repair if it is possible. Replacement is well established but besides surgical risk, the type of valve and possibly anticoagulants long term raise the risks somewhat.

I know someone that had a mitral valve replaced because of leakage. She is now taking coumadin, (warfarin) is this ok?

Yes it is. Coumadin is warfarin and it is recommended to prevent formation of blood clots and embolization in the brain which can cause a stroke.

But I have open heart surgery already and I need to have a baby, they replace the mechanical valve with a mitral valve, and so I need to know if I can?

Complex. A patient with a mechanical valve can have a baby but due to anticoagulation is complex and requires careful management throughout pregnancy and delivery. Mitral repair or biological valve is also complex due to heart issues and anticoagulation issues.
See a doctor. Pregnancy after heart surgery is possible, but can be risky depending on the operation and the patient. Bioprosthetic valves and valve repairs do not preclude the possibility of pregnancy. Mechanical valves are especially risky because of the risk of clotting and the risks to the baby related to the blood thinning medications. Consultation with a physician is important.

Gp discovered heart murmur in me. My father has had mitral valve replaced will it be same for me?

Murmur. Heart murmur just means noise. Talk to the doc and what he believes is causing the murmur and what is its significance.
Not likely. A murmur can be nothing, something minor, or sometimes very serious. Ask your gp what your murmur is. Have an echocardiogram if you have not. Information is needed to know what you may expect. Good luck.