Is it ok to feed my baby cow's milk?

No. The aap recommends not introducing cow's milk to your infant until his/her 1st birthday. For the first year of life, the ideal liquid is breast milk. If your infant is not breast-feeding, using formula is recommended. Formula is iron and vitamin fortified, where cow's milk has no iron. The milk protein load in cow's milk is too high for infants and can upset their belly.
Absolutely not! Cow's milk is for baby cows. Early cow's milk-based formulas for human infants mixed 13 ounces of cow's milk with 13 oz of water. Then 2 tablespoons of sugar syrup was added to increase the calories in each ounce. From this formulation you can see that cow's milk has twice as much protein per ounce as breast milk. Feeding undiluted cow's milk to an infant is dangerous. It can cause death.
Yes. I would classify this as more a maby. Cow milk is geneticly designed for cows, and in quantity causes irritation and microscopic bleeding in humans. The maby comes in how its used. We prefer to delay it to >9mo-1yr so babies gut matures, then limit quantity to 16 oz or so. Thirty yrs ago parents often moved to cow milk at 6mo & we saw some babies that needed transfusions. Discuss this with your dr.