Can you be a police officer if you have mitral valve prolapse?

Hard to comment. MVP is quite variable. It may or may not be associated with a leaky mitral valve. It may have no effect on a persons health or place them at risk of heart failure. Since it has such a wide range of possibilities there is no simple answer. Any job that requires physical stamina will also have a set of standards you must meet before acceptance into sponsored training. I would look into that 1st.
Probably yes. Mitral valve prolapse without any regurgitation (leaking valve) should not be a problem; however, every organization has certain standards and i would check with the department's medical staff.
Yes. Mvp by itself should not limit you in anyway whatsoever. Just have a check-up and echocardiogram prior to enrolling.

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If you have mitral valve prolapse, is it likely that you'll experience constant arrhythmias?

No. Mvp can be associated with heart arrhythmias, but they are typically rare and intermittent. Constant arrhythmias are something else, and should be evaluated by a cardiologist. Read more...

Do you have a much higher risk of storke if you have mitral valve prolapse?

No. Perhaps a slight increase in risk. Atrial fibrillation leads to a significantly higher risk of stroke and anti coagulation is commonly recommended for patients with atrial fibrillation. Read more...

How do you find out you have mitral valve prolapse?

Exam & ECHO. A doctor can listen for the murmur of mitral valve prolapse: a mid-systolic click, followed by a late systolic murmur heard best at the apex. An echocardiogram (heart ultrasound) will confirm the diagnosis. Read more...