What increases my family's risk for Crohn's disease?

Smoking. In addition to what is said, the most potent environmental risk factor is tobacco, which increases the risk of developing and crohn's disease and also increases the severity and complication rate of crohn's disease. Another likely environmental risk factor is northern latitude. It is unclear why this increases the disease risk.
Family history. Risk factors for crohn's disease include a family history of the disease, white race, jewish ancestry.

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Went to lunch with my family. Noticed things that were worrisome. What are the symptoms of Crohn's disease and who can get it?

Diarrhea. Symptoms are mutifocal. Primarily diarrhea, abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, weight loss. It runs in the family. If above mentioned symptoms are persistent for sometime than should be evaluated by physician. Read more...

Almost died from mononucleosis very young. Could that have caused me to be more likely to develop Crohn's disease in my family?

Mono & Crohn's. Although the two diseases share a simllar lymphoid hyperplasia, there is not much in the medical literature that links these together. Certainly there is no causative link that has been proven at this point. Read more...

Since my mom has Crohn's disease and I have psoriasis am I likely to develop Crohn's disease too? Does this increase chance of arthritis?

A chance. Crohn's has a genetic component. Offspring have about a 5% chance of getting crohn's if a parent has it. There is also an overlap between crohn's, psoriasis and arthritis, i.e. An increased associated risk. The good news is that if crohn's is treated early, there is probably a better outcome. So by being aware of your risks, you are doing your best and ahead of the game. Read more...