What is sundowning vs dementia?

Sundowning is a. Symptom that can occur in dementia patients. It refers to misperceiving the environment or outright halliucinations whch usually occur at or after sundown, hence the name. Dementia is a degenerative illness which effects the brain and inhibits a person's ability to function.
Can have both. Sundowning can be part of dementia. It is worsening of mental function at night. Here's a good resource on the topic. http://goo.gl/wx7q8.

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Is sundowning a symptom of alzheimer's dementia?

Sundowning. Can be a symptom of dementia of any kind when combined with physical problems such as hearing and vision loss. Read more...
Yes. Sundowning may occur with various types of dementia, such as alzheimer's, mostly in the moderate to severe stages. Agitation and confusion begins late in the day and often carries into the night. Factors that may contribute to it include fatigue, low lighting, an upset in circadian rhythm - causing disturbed sleep patterns, and confusion in regards to dreams and reality. Read more...