How can an iep help a child with an autism?

Individual education. A coordinated plan to use educational resources benefits any kid with autism. Individual education plans describe the annual review & proposed plans for the coming year in kids with identified learning issues. In most areas, parents meat with the teachers & therapists to review current testing & progress. This keeps people on a common path & allows the parent to sign & approve of plans (or not).
Get services. After a proper diagnosis of autism the best thing to is getting all services needed like speech and language therapy, physical and occupational therapy services, educational services at school. Social skills training, both individual and group format. This can be done by means of educational planning at school and involving pediatrician who can help with coordination of services and access funding.
Greatly. The american individuals with disabilities education act (idea) mandates a free and appropriate education in the least restrictive setting for every child birth-21. A multidisciplinary team assesses the child's cognitive, communication, motor, self-help/adaptive, & social skills, degree of autism & associated behavioral disorders. The iep is the game plan devised by team & parens required by idea.
You'd be surprised. IEP places legal responsibility upon the school to help the child. Then ask (via typed letterhead) for a functional behavioral analysis (FBA)= classroom observation data in school setting on what are the antecedent behaviors impairing academics. Then u request behavioral interventional plan (BIP) based on above, as school mandated to provide corrective interventions e.g.even ABA, OT, PT, Speech:)