Is fibromyalgia a degenerative disorder?

No. To me a degenerative disorder means chronic damage occurs to a joint, bone or muscle. Even though patients with fibro can get chronic pain, true chronic damage or irreversible changes do not occur.
No. The exact mechanisms that underlie fibromyalgia are not known but there is no evidence that there is anything "degenerative" going on. It is thought to be a central nervous system disorder which causes increased pain sensitivity.
Yes. With #fibromyalgia degenerations occur, imo, in muscles ; ligaments. Acute ; repetative biomechanical stressors, e.g., childbirths, mva's, accidents, lifting injuries, cause loss of tethering strength of major axial spine ligaments. Painful sedentary lifestyles lead to obesity, deconditioning ; muscle loss. Gravity intervenes. Deteriorated musculoskeletal strength evokes chronic muscle spasm ; fm.