Can fibromyalgia symptoms ever improve?

Only if you let it! Western medicine did not recognize the entity of "fibromyalgia" for a long time.Patients were told it was all in their heads! Now American Rheumatology association woke up with criteria for diagnosis. The treatment is still evolving. Seek alternative medicine remedies.An expert has a clinic somewhere in PA.Check the website of ACAM. American College of Advancement of Medicine. Be persistent!
Yes. ? about prospects for fibromyalgia (FM) resolution. Several have written about their ability to improve from symptoms of FM. See writings by Ingebretson, Lumley, & Mr. Lewis of the Wiggles musical group. FM has multiple causes & resolution requires multimodal therapeutic applications; such as aquatherapy, gentle yoga, massage, neutriceuticals, topical & ingested cannabis, & mindfulness therapies.