He acts like im crazy. Should I tell all my symptoms if my doctor diagnoses fibromyalgia?

Yes. As physicians, we need to know all of your symptoms since some may not be associated with fibromyalgia and we do not want to miss any other medical problems that could be treated differently for example.
Fibromyalgia. This kind of response is not unusual as many md's do not believe in fibro or feels helpless with a diagnosis of fibro. Yes i would let him know all the symptoms and also ask for a referral to either a rheumatologist and /or a pain doctor.
Overcome skepticism. Persuasion of others that #fibomyalgia is causal of one's symptoms sometimes frustrating. Some doctors have difficult time understanding something that is more nebulous than concrete; without definitive objective findings. American college of rheumatology has determined that diagnosis effectively obtained by a scored questionaire. Find health advisor and take the test ; show to other advisors.