How should I mentally prepare for a robot assisted laparoscopic hysterectomy?

Great Question. Understand why you are having the hysterectomy. Most of my patients do not have cancer and are having a robotic assisted laparoscopic hysterectomy because of pain, pelvic pressure or bleeding problems. You need to be comfortable with the idea of a hysterectomy, of not having periods any more. Focus on the positive. Make sure you have taken care of details, like food in the house post op.
Relax. Most women are anxious at the idea of surgery - that is normal. Current means of performing hysterectomies, especially with the da vinci robot are very safe, with low complication rates. You should be comfortable with your surgeon and your hospital - if you are not comfortable you need to discuss it with your doctor.
Peace of mind. The surgery will provide relief from the problems that need the treatment. You will be asleep whole time. Afterward you have small incisions that are minimally tender and some bloating. After a few days you start feeling much better. Prepare mentally by being pisitive.
Clear expectations. Be sure that you talk to your surgeon to understand what the goals of the surgery are, what your stay in the hospital will be like, and what your recovery time will entail. The unknown is harder to deal with than clear expectations. Be aware of potential risks but realize they are the exceptions rather than the rules.
Ask Robot's name-:) All kidding aside, the same you would prepare for any surgical procedure. Understand why getting a hysterectomy, will ovaries and tubes be left in (hormonal implications), risks during and after surgery; ask if any question; drink a lot of fluids for days before the surgery (optimize cellular and kidney function), if quite anxious, ask your doc if a mild relaxant perhaps; get a good night's sleep.