What are the dangers of low blood pressure?

How low? It's normal for healthy 30 year olds to have "low bp" and this is actually a sign of above average health. For instance, 80/60 if you're feeling fine and otherwise healthy would be very good. But if your normal BP is 140/80, you become ill, and your BP drops to 80/60, it's quite serious! so, it's relative. There are limits: i've never seen a healthy adult with a BP of <80 systolic (top number).
Dizziness , fainting. If it is low enough , it can cause dizziness , and fainting.

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I was wondering what are the dangers of having low blood pressure?

Blood pressure. Normal blood pressure is 100 to 120 over 80 to 90 mm of mercury, low blood pressure is anything below that range. Low blood pressure can be 'normal' for some people and abnormal for others. Read more...