What are some natural remedies for low blood pressure?

Low blood pressure. No need to treat unless you are dizzy or black out with low blood pressure. The treatment is to increase fluid and salt intake in those instances.
Hypotension. Increasing your salt intake - chicken soup is highly recommended! - is one of the easiest and often prescribed remedies for slight hypotension. You did not include your actual blood pressure so this is a simple answer not considering any other health factors or concerns. Please see a doctor to make sure that you are being treated appropriately. Be careful.
Treat if symptoms. Your doctor may have you increase salt intake for symptomatic low BP especially if it drops a lot upon standing. Using thigh high support stockings may also help. Your doctor may also use medications such as mididodrine and fludrocirtisone in which case careful follow up is essential.

Related Questions

What is the cause of low blood pressure. What remedy about that?

Is it a problem? A "normal" blood pressure varies from person to person. If you have no symptoms, then there's nothing to worry about. If you are symptomatic, then we need to ask why the pressure is low and address that. Many different conditions/situations can lower blood pressure.

What is the best remedy for low blood pressure? When should it be alarming?

Hypotension. The remedy for an instance of low BP would depend on the cause. Dehydration? Over-medication? Something else? Ultimately, though, relevant symptoms should be a cause for alarm - lightheadedness, fainting, palpitations.

Are there any home remedies to cure low blood pressure?

Maybe. First, if you are any medications that may lower your blood pressure, check with your doc about possibly reducing the dose, or changing medication. If you are not on any medication, try increase your intake of non-caffeinated beverages, and your salt intake.

How could I treat low blood pressure with home remedies?

Many ways. Low blood pressure is generally desirable, but if there is lightheadedness with position change or other symptoms of low blood pressure, need to ensure no underlying problems- low thyroid, or low cortisol, or slow heart rate. Need to ensure good hydration status, consider liberalizing salt intake. Compression stockings can be quite helpful.

I've been told I have low blood pressure but nothing worrying. Are there any simple and natural ways of raising it to a normal level?

Needed? If your lowere blood pressure is not causing you any symptoms, there is no reason for concern or need to raise it. A lower blood pressure is generally better for you. If you are having symptoms of light headedness, dizziness, or syncope, you may benefit from increasing your intake of water and salt.