Just want to say thank you for taking the time to create a web sight like this one! ?

Good to hear that! You are very welcome! We doctors enjoy helping people, friends, acquaintances, or strangers alike. Share this healthtap site with your friends and family, so we can touch even more lives!
WE ARE EXTREMELY. Proud to be able to help. Despite what you have heard, the greatest majority of us are in it to help, because right now, it is the only thing that makes our job fullfilling and makes us feel needed and useful. There is absolutely no fun times anymore, so those of us sticking it out are in it for the love of the profession. Trust me, the pay is not worth the time and pressure we deal with. Thank u!
Compliment. U r most welcome. I have received several notes from satisfied folks & as i tell them, we are here to help. Time well worth spending.
You are welcome. But really , the doctors like me who respond to questions are not the ones who created this site. We are the ones, i guess, who make it work, as we enjoy taking the time to answer questions on healthtap because we like helping people. I am afraid that sometimes, people try and seek out advise from healthtap, when they really need to see a physician in person and right away. Best wishes and thanks.