How do I raise my blood pressure?

Low blood pressure. No reason to do so unless passing out or dizziness associated with low blood pressure. If such symptoms, then increasing salt and fluid intake is the first treatment.
Salt and Fluids. Increase your salt intake to >4gm per day and increase your fluid intake to >2l per day. But the real question is: why?! in tribes never exposed to modern civilization, blood pressure remains in the 90s from birth to death. Why are you trying to raise it? 120 is not the goal.

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How do I raise my blood pressure if dizzy standing for more than half hour?

Counterpressure move. You can cup your hands, place fingers against each other and pull, contracting arm muscles or cross legs and squeeze. Both will raise bp. I would suggest a formal assessment of your postural bp. This can be done with a tilt table test. Good luck. Read more...