What does testing negative for a viral HSV 2 test mean?

HSV 2 test. A negative test suggests that you have not yet been exposed to the form of herpes (2) that causes a sexually transmitted disease. This antibody test is not especially accurate or sensitive, but it should be reasonably reliable in saying you have not yet been exposed. Once you get initial exposure, the antibody test turns positive, and thereafter it is not really useful.
No virus cultured. That means there was no HSV 2 virus that grew on the culture, it does not mean necessarily that you didn't have HSV 2 because sometimes you can have lesions and if they are healing or not open it may not grow the virus. A positive culture for HSV 2 means you have it, a negative one does not mean that you do not. The other thing that can be done after a few months is blood antibody testing.