Any thing new for the dry eyes, as restasis and lacrymal duct plugs did not help.?

Yes. Yes. High dose cyclospoine, dhea or other hormonal drops, Lacrisert (hydroxypropyl cellulose) tabs, Albumin drops, autologous serum eye drops, bandage contact lenses, corneoscleral lenses, and much more. I would recommend seeing an eye doctor with expertise in dry eye.

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What can be done for chronic dry eyes when everything has already been tried? Restasis for 14 weeks, azasis for a month, bottom plugs. Tried steroid drops, antibiotic drops, upper plugs, nothing works. I can barely keep my eyes open for 10 seconds.

1). 1) take organic coldpress flaxseed oil supplments - whole foods has a brand as well as barleans. 3000mg - 6000mg orally by mouth daily - take for 4-6 weeks to determine if this helps. 2) refresh pm ointment or genteal gel ointment at bedtime, line the just inside the lower eyelid prior to going to bed. 3)warm compresses (warm wash cloth and hold over eyelid 3 minutes) prior to bed, then massage the lower eyelid at base of lashes. This will help increase the natural oils of the eyes and keep the glands open. 4) preservative free artificial tears every 2 hours for 1 week; then 4x's daily there after. Systane, theratears or refresh have good preservative free brand. 5) testoterone compounded cream by prescription, 10% strength - apply 0.05cc on upper eyelid lashes. This should only be tired after trying steps 1-4 for 4-6 weeks without improvement. Disucss this with your eyecare provider - there are several published research articles on this treatment.
Dry eye treatment. Cyclosporine 1 or 2%, dhea drops, ointment at night, omega-3 fatty acid supplements, warm lid compresses, review and adjustment of systemic meds which may be worsening the issue, diagnosis and treatment of any underlying autoimmune disease, corneoscleral lenses, tarsorrhaphy, good hydration, lacrisert, (hydroxypropyl cellulose) and more. See a corneal specialist for further treatment.