My 4 month old baby seems to have an lazy eye! And waiting for dr to check that! I am freaking out! What to expect? Help, please

See below. Eye movements at this age are not always together. The check is fairly simple. The doctor will check to see if the red reflex is symmetric, and may cover and uncover one eye at a time to assess any movement. If there is a concern, then your child will be seen by an eye doctor.
Relax U have time. In early infancy, eyes may occasionally cross & may roll out & up as they drift up to sleep.As they get older, the two eyes focus on the same point during their alert state. True lazy eye does not imply crossing, it means the brain decided not to accept input from the lazy eye, which takes many months to happen. See your dr at a routine visit & s/he will access any need to do more than monitor.