I know someone who was on prednisone (4pills daily) for psoriatic arthritis flare. Stepped herself down&now is off&intremendous pain. Could itbwithdrawal?

No. More likely the psoriatic arthritis flared. Prednisone withdrawal syndrome is the uncovering of joint pains that one never noticed before taking steroids. That is rarely the case with psoriatic arthritis. Also, Prednisone is not an addictive substance.

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Having psoriatic arthritis flare up. Started 10mg prednisone 3 days ago still am running a low grade fever. Is it unusual to still be running a temp?

Caution with prednis. The fever is not related to the psoriatic arthritis. This could be an infection and starting Prednisone without an evaluation is not a good idea. What else are you taking for the psoriatic arthritis? Your list of medications only has Prednisone. You need to see your physicians to clarify the fever and a rheumatologist to treat the psoriatic arthritis. Read more...