I get a very strong burning sensation in the center of mychest. It lasts for about 10 minutes and then goes away. It is so bad that I have to lay down. What should I do?

Go to the ER. This symptom may indicate coronary disease and an impending heart attack. Other possible causes are acid reflux, but you can't make assumptions without a professional evaluation. Get evaluated immediately. Good luck!
See doctor... This symptom could be cardiac in nature so you need to be evaluated by your doctor asap so a cardiac etiology can be ruled out first. Other possibilities include reflux disease which can be easily treated. See your doctor asap so the etiology of these symptoms can be determined. Then, treatment can be rendered.
See a Dr immediately. This is a dangerous complaint that needs immediate evaluation. As simple as heartburn or as serious as a heart attack you need this pevaluated immediately - an emergency room is not far away - nor does it take long to call 911 for chest pain. Do so now.!
Many possibilities. Strong burning in the chest can be caused by a number of possibilities. These include heart problems (heart attack, angina, aneurysm, etc.), lung problems (pneumonia, etc.), or even intestinal issues (acid reflux, ulcers, bleeding, etc.). Best to see your doctor who can examine you to narrow the diagnosis. If severe or persistent, one should call 911 or get to the er for an emergency evaluation.