How long does it take for meth to get out of unborn baby system?

Long term effects. Brain of unborn baby is very sensitive to methamphetamine effect. Please do not underestimate toxic potential based on clearance time after single use. Furthermore, highly addictive drugs tend to be repeatedly used. These many exposures add up and must be considered.
Traces in poo. Meth can be detected in a fecal sample taken in a newborn. It will reflect meth exposure within the past several months. Urine may clear within days. In local hospitals, any case where neonatal withdrawal or drug exposure is suspected will lead to testing of both mother & child with infant stool testing as backup to urine.

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How long does it take for meth to get out of an unborn baby's system?

Meth in unborn baby. Will take about as long to clear as it will to clear the mom's system. It is *very* important , that if you plan to carry this pregnancy to term, you let your on know about your struggles with substances. Meth, and abrupt withdrawal from same can cause premature birth, placental abruption. Work with your OB for safest outcome for baby and best opportunity 4 mom to stay sober !! . Read more...