Is left ventricular assist device considered an artificial heart?

Yes. Lvads support the left ventricle which is one side of the heart, the left side, that pumps blood to the aorta. The right side pumps blood to the lungs. An artificial heart has both lvad and rvad. Both sides.
No. It is a short term device to bridge insertion of artificial heart.
No. An lvad is not considered an artifical heart because it can only replace one chamber (a ventricle).

Related Questions

Will left-ventricular assist device therapy replace need for a heart transplantation?

Not yet. No, now it's just a bridge to transplant, but someday maybe it will.
Maybe. But not in the foreseeable future. Currently it's used as a bridge to transplantation. It will need to undergo significant technological improvement before it's a substitute for transplantation and we hope that stem cells or genomic therapy may beat it to the punch.
LVAD. LVAD can be bridge and in some patients can be destination therapy and used as a long term therapy. I would call any of the close major medical center who have a LVAD program and seek their input.

Is it possible to be too old for heart surgery but not too old for a ventricular assist device?

No. Age is a significant risk factor for "routine" heart surgery as well ventricular assist devices. Age alone would not be a contraindications for wither procedure. Other associated health problems combined with age could make the risk of surgery too high for either procedure. Ventricular assist devices are indicated in advanced heart failure where "standard" heart operations are not beneficial.
Doubtful. There are no strict age limits for any type of heart surgery. It all depends upon the underlying disease and your overall health.

Who are the makers of the artificial heart valve?

Depends on the type. There are several "artificial" heart valves, each with different manufacturers. Here in the US - surgical mechanical valves - mostly St. Jude. Surgical biologic valves - mostly Edwards Lifesciences. Percutaneous (stented) valve - Edwards currently available in US, but other companies like Medtronic and St. Jude (and other small companies) have devices in trials or experimental phase.