I havnt had a period for 9 month and I am not pregnant I have polycystic ovaries is this normal?

Polycystic ovaries. It is not unusual for a person with pcos to skip periods for several months at a time. One should have a period about every 4 months to prevent uterine cancer so if it has been 9 months, see your dr. And get some Progesterone to induce a cycle.
No. It's fairly common, but it's still not normal. No need to panic but see a live md as soon as you can to sort this out: there are some definite health risks to going so long without a period.
Yes. You should seek the care of your gynecologist to rule out endometrial hyperplasia and to obtain more regularity in your cycles.

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I have polycystic ovaries ovaries and my period is not frequent and I want to get pregnant can u help me?

See doctor. Women with polycystic ovaries who are trying to conceive often benefit from seeing a gynecologist or infertility specialist to help them conceive. If weight is an issue, you should try to get to a normal body mass index --> 19-25. Exercise also helps women with pcos trying to conceive. Good luck! Read more...

I missed my period since october last year, I have polycystic ovaries, can I still be pregnant?

Yes. If you have not had your period, you can certainly be pregnant, despite having a diagnosis of polycystic ovaries. You should do a pregnancy test. Read more...
Yes. It is possible so a pregnancy tests would be wise. But you really need evaluation of the uterus to make sure there is no pre-cancer building up by missing all those periods. The longer your periods are irregular especially with pcos the high the chance of pre-cancer and cancer over time. Read more...