I am a 24yr old female with constant right side lower pain above hip. Feels like period cramping but 10x worse hurts to move what could it be?

PELVIC PAIN. Assuming you have no gastrointestinal symptoms , chronic diarrhea, etc. At your age, most likely related to an ovarian cyst , endometriosis, etc. Some patients can have "chronic appendicitis" but the pain is not constant. But recurrent. Have to rule out a groin hernia or a hip problem. A pelvic ultrasound, a good clinical exam and perhaps even a laparoscopy could help solve the issue.
A hernia. It is possible that what you are describing is a hernia. Your primary care physician should be able to determine if this is the case.
A few things. You would be unlikely to have hip issues unless you are pregnant or just delivered. Constant pain suggests a hernia if it lies in the area between the hip bone protrusion and the bone at the middle of your abdomen at the bikini line (pubic bone). Endometriosis pain is like this but generally not constant. Hernia pain can be relieved by lying down and ibuprofen. Muscle pull is also like this.