I'm going to stop brestfeeding at 8 weeks, (3 weeks from now) how do I stop my milk supply? (currently exclusively pumping and bottling breast milk).

Weaning. Breast milk is a supply and demand phenomenon. If you are exclusively pumping, gradually reduce the total amount of time you pump every day, and your production gradually will decline. If you need, you can stop abruptly, but there will be some discomfort. Cold compresses can help decrease the swelling and production.

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Breast milk supply worry about decline pumping at work?

Common. Pumping certainly can be helpful to continue feeding babies breast milk for mothers that work but it is not the same as your babies direct sucking. It is not uncommon for the milk supply to decrease with pumping. You may need to supplement with formula to keep up with your babies needs. Read more...

Is there a way to increase breast milk supply after it has gone low? I've been pumping and supplementing and unable to pump every 2 hours.

Mother's Milk. It's very difficult to keep your milk supply up if you are not pumping regularly, because your body down regulates, thinking you don't need it. Still, a tea called Mother's Milk, found in GNC and other vitamin stores, works well to increase milk supply if you drink it three times daily. Also, you can try Brewer's yeast capsules. Lastly, you could ask your obstetrician for a prescription for reglan (metoclopramide) Read more...