My doc told me I have high risk hpv. What do I tell me boyfriend about it? Is it harmful to him, will he catch it? How can he and I get treated?

Condom. First you get treated by gyn with Aldara (imiquimod) or zyclara with follow up as recommended. Boyfreind should wear condoms to decrease chance of infection. Boyfreind can see dermatologist or urologist for exam and possible treatment so you do not become reinfected once clear.
Hard to be specific. High risk HPV is associated with cervical, anal and oral cancer.This can take decades to develop and there is no realistic way to know who will or won't develop those complications.A primary HPV infection will generally clear on its own but then hibernate in your system. Condoms can diminish but not eliminate chance of transfer.There is no cure but most will never develop these complications.