I tend to sweat very easy and always have dark circles under my eyes?

Dark circles. Dark circles are related to systemic allergies, lack of sleep, excessive stress, illness, dehydration, hereditary pigmentation in dark skinned individuals, and other issues. The easy sweating is probably unrelated.
Unrelated. No relationship between hyperhydrosis and dark circles. The skin of the lower eyelid area is so thin that we can actually see the circulation beneath the skin causing dark circles.

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Girl.6.Obese, always hungry, sweats profusely, body odor, chronic cough, very active but doesn't lose weight. Dark circles under eyes. Sleep problems. Ideas?

Pediatrician. Evaluation, might need to be evaluated as well by an endocrinologist for her obesity problem, and an allergist for the chronic cough and the ? Allergic shiners (dark circles under eyes), check aaaai.org or acaai.org for an allergist/immunologist in your area, good luck. Read more...