I would like to get off methadones but I need to do it while still working. No insurance and would like to get an idea what I can do and costs?

Look for free care. Just because you don't have insurance doesn't mean you can't get healthcare. On my website (sorry, no way around that), i've listed a number of options for free (or at least low cost) health care, drugs & tests. Or skip my site & just search online for free healthcare. Lots of options are available to you regardless of supreme court ruling.
Consider Suboxone. First find an md who can prescribe suboxone. You will need to drop daily Methadone dose to 30mg or less, then stop it and 24hrs or so later start suboxone ( generic subutex is cheaper - about $10 a day) md's fee about $300 - $450 1st visit, then $80-130 for follow up visits. You may need to be on sub. For a long time and coming off this can also be difficult. Check out suboxone.Com for more info.