Have you ever heard of a cambel de morgan? A pink coloured spot on skin. Like a birth mark? Is there any way I could get rid of it?

DE MORGAN SPOTS. Campbell de morgan spots are harmless small red spots that appear in some older people. The bright red color of these spots, also called cherry angiomas, they are due to tiny capillaries that break in the very upper layers of the skin. They are also fairly common in pregnant women. Very easy to get rid of if they bother you. See a dermatologist.
Cherry hemangioma. A cherry hemangioma, aka campbell de morgan spot, is a common red spot on the skin, usually small. They are typically harmless and increase in frequency as you become older. They do not require treatment; however, if they become large or unsightly, they may be removed surgically or with laser.
Yes & Yes. Campbell de morgan spots are commonly referred to as cherry angiomas or senile angiomas. They are the result of a tight grouping or proliferation of blood vessels under the surface of the skin. The angiomas can be cleared with a vascular laser such as the excel v by cutera.